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Intransit – Intrinsic

by Ap Hel

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holy the urbanites holy the suburbs holy the asphalt the subway the rats and the sewers holy the giants the bottlenecks homeless the guns and the shooters holy the male the female the gay and the purer holy the giants the slums the space the time the lack of moving- holy the saints holy the devils holy the living the whores the dead and the ruins holy the giants holy the valley holy the movers holy the temples of diplomats teachers holy the poorer.
inside out out of sight out of mind inside your mind out of bounds out of date out of favour inside you walk inside you walk inside you stay
nervously twitching catch myself at times the thought pictures blurred of sight collected - the Smell the taste metallic – proudly pointing at the sky
elevate reduce define reject elevate reduce define reject
I feel it when I feel it when lines shake and twist epileptic they know it when I know it I see it when they see it - eyes and brows tree lines tree sour through out beyond the iris beyond the perfect redemption of specters collegial I feel it when they feel it when rhymes fret and transpose torrential back and forth past implodes Marauders of light slowly stepping into the Sun Midnight owls Midnight
cut in half achieve symmetry cease to exist achieve purity locked inside compound outside defeat disorder
three packs of flour -don't forgettoilet paper rolls mental note to- Sale!: consume they say might fix the nerves- Oh and the tomatoes by the corner sitting next to the peppers, cucumbers and soursops anxiouseager to be picked by some prince charming the aisles looking for eye contact, the daily dose of social. That's a solid 7 Olympic navigation was that a Mango peeking from behind the passion fruits? She wants me -sweet and soft- the Skin is what tastes best.
smile softly it is a small world smile reach a place of peace smile softly avoid strangers it is a small world change your mind smile softly
act I discourse gibberish yackety yacking pulling over the road full of worms crawling under the sweat pores redundant turning miracle rays of magic beats into miracle drops of slowing minerals swimming and making its way onto hands of fairer virgins tips trembling in penumbras of mind and ghosts reptilian to swallow the moon whole act II -stop- don’t stop -stop!- don’t you darei want you the music the joy -the blow!- blow drop blow- drop blow and contract the soul of wishes vague wishes of the selfish chromosometoday like yesterdaylike yesterdaywe –you- i –we- are as ever -¡libres!- alive.
the past will haunt you the presence will haunt you the future will haunt you from the corners of your room it will consume you then engulf you you can't leave the past will haunt you the presence will haunt you the future will haunt you the furniture will haunt you it will consume you then engulf you you can't leave you don't like change
I can see myself there having dreams about a certain Gulf defence A selection of the Shadow A "vast majority" of Soviet engineers A technical solution The biggest form of combustion it was nearly perfect. One went missing It is not clear how what you need, above all else, is mobility for using one of the thousands which were rejected by the north The lights sprung back on.
degrade limit obstruct interrupt decrease performance
said the true cost of corruption in their eyes salivating hounds anticipating a probably higher cost marmots beavers of cardboard boxes flat ricocheting insulating thick skins – the reflection rainbows of the damned fiction altercations protuberances blue skies red skies white - corrugated laces bla bla bla Phoenicians moving in a line vultures from extinction growers to expand their activities growers to gravitate the land out there the sirens serenading.
cards have been read meanings unfold twentytwo paths it is a fool's journey skin is shed cards have been read but advice not taken
eyes turned in Cells overdrive touch sensorial a very last bow crowd in attendance witness the new number head against wall back against chest flashing life clear but not present crank up the dose make forget strings attached to wrists not a nice sight. spectate control delete delete scavenge the rests control delete escape.
hearts break trains crash plains crash cars crash dawn breaks persons die persons talk persons lie again again rain falls trees grow trees die species die night falls stars die wake up new day again again again again
one two three fourfive lost count crashing upwards down they come the rhythm the pulse one after the others and what of it – now? – what of it said the soldier: should it oppose shall we make her follow our path be it organic synthetic of paper rubber papier mache or fabric be empowered be whatever you want to be – be it – the mercurial folding the controllers unwrapping the dress dressing the wrap palpitating asphalt gravitating owl eyes wow the crowds symphonic the cats walllk oscillating undulating the stage unstaged poses the new waters in challenge of the exraordinaire!
love is patient love is patient like the darkness of closed eyes on a summers afternoon love is patient love never fails against any possible infiltration of the day
minimize until you disappear. disappear. hide until they forget. forget. hide until they forget. dissolve until you are pure. dissolve. pure. transmute until you are golden. golden. neglect until you are complete. disappear. forget. pure. golden. complete.
burned all my notebooks i feel clean now talked to no one i feel happy now did not interact in any way i feel emptiness


released December 16, 2016

Written and produced by Ap Hel
Lyrics and vocals by Rodney Perez
Mastered by Frank Riggio
Design by kounterpart
Published by Kaer’Uiks
C+P 2016 Kaer’Uiks PB71215


all rights reserved



Kaer'Uiks Germany

Harbour for authentic off-center electronic music.

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